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What to do when grain prices are in a freefall and you are unsold.

When grain market prices are dropping rapidly and you have unsold grain, there are several steps you can consider taking:
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Why hire a grain market consultant?

Farmers can benefit from hiring a grain market consultant in several ways. Here are a few reasons why you may want to hire Ag Astra's team of...
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Reasons to trade commodities based on an algorithm

There are several compelling reasons why trading commodities based on an algorithm can be beneficial. Below, you will find a few of those reasons. 
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Top Ten uses of Corn in the US

Farm Management Business Tips Corn is used in a variety of ways in the United States.  Here are the top ten in  order of use.  It can vary by year depending on yields and demand.
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What is a Price Floor

MarketChat A price floor is the minimum price a producer is willing to accept for his grain. It is set by taking some type of action in the market. That can be...
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Recognizing the Problem

MarketChat Advising farmers on how to best manage their risk in corn, wheat, and beans entails balancing an understanding of technical action and fundamental...
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Top Marketers' Secrets

Farm Management Business Tips Know their numbers: The Best Marketers have the best command of their numbers. They know down to the minute details of their insurance levels and...
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Time Value/Theta

MarketChat Time Value, or Theta in options—so here goes!  
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What Is A Put Option

MarketChat A put option is the right to sell at the strike price chosen. The price of a put option is based on the intrinsic value (strike price minus the...
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The Call Option

What is a call option? A call option is the right to buy at the strike price chosen. The price of an option is based on the intrinsic value...
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Why Free Advice Doesn't Work

Farm Management Business Tips We continue to try and improve mentally and physically ourselves to keep our mind sharp and keep doing research into what can limit ourselves.  As we...
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Wheat facts you may not have known...

Did you know a bushel of wheat makes about 42 pounds of pasta or 210 servings of spaghetti? 😮 Check out more interesting facts about wheat below...
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Afraid to Make the wrong sales decision

MarketChat According to an article by USDA in October 2020 from studies through NASS(Farm use of Futures, options, and marketing contracts,...
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