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What is a Price Floor

MarketChat A price floor is the minimum price a producer is willing to accept for his grain. It is set by taking some type of action in the market. That can be...
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Recognizing the Problem

MarketChat Advising farmers on how to best manage their risk in corn, wheat, and beans entails balancing an understanding of technical action and fundamental...
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Time Value/Theta

MarketChat Time Value, or Theta in options—so here goes!
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What Is A Put Option

MarketChat A put option is the right to sell at the strike price chosen. The price of a put option is based on the intrinsic value (strike price minus the...
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Afraid to Make the wrong sales decision

MarketChat According to an article by USDA in October 2020 from studies through NASS(Farm use of Futures, options, and marketing contracts,...
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