The Call Option

  1. What is a call option?

A call option is the right to buy at the strike price chosen. The price of an option is based on the intrinsic value (current price minus the strike price; never below 0) and the time value(time left to expiration).

Example of intrinsic value: Owning a $6.00 call and the futures price is at $6.25.  Intrinsic value is $.25.  

Example of time value: Owning a $6.00 call while the futures price is at $5.90.  Intrinsic value is 0 as the Strike is above the futures price. Time Value is at $.10 to make it simple.  (There are other factors in play such as volatility that is not explained here)

Why buy a call?

  1. Cover future needs of unpriced inputs for a buyer(i.e. cattle feeder).
  2. Re own bushels that have been sold and want to participate in a rally.
  3. Offset risk in a short future position.
  4. Adjusting other option positions.

Why sell a call?

  1. Collect premium.
  2. Offset risk in another strategy.

What are the risks of calls?

  1. Buying a call: losing investment premium paid for call
  2. Selling a call: unlimited risk technically 


When to use calls?

That is the question. Have a system to rely on to determine when to enter each strategy and how to adjust it as the market moves.

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