4 Ways MarketChat Can Help Farmers Profit From Their Crops

You can follow the markets in a moment-by-moment panic, or you can plan for the unexpected with MarketChat.

Well, it’s been quite a year. We thought spring planting was tough, but now it seems like the markets are looking to make a grand finale of “excitement.” This price update from Successful Farming is a snapshot of tariffs, USDA reports, blizzards, floods catapulting at the markets… Need we say more? Wading through soggy grain crops fields to plant seemed like enough drama.

That’s where MarketChat comes into play. Experts at Ag Astra provide 20-minute market presentations each week. Straight to your inbox, accessible with one click. A down-to-earth market analyst gives both bullish and bearish price expectations so you can make the final decision for yourself.

You can always go rogue. If pouring over your computer for hours after harvest to make market decisions solo is a risk you want to take (or enjoy), that choice is yours. Just remember while you are fixing a broken combine this harvest, a storm on the other side of the U.S. could send prices spinning. Having a partner in trade can help ease some of the burden.

Here are four ways MarketChat can help, along with samples of advice given in last week’s MarketChat 20-minute webinar.

1. MarketChat takes emotion out of the marketing equation.

Trading is proven to have a psychological effect, and it’s common knowledge markets are based on fear and greed. Farmers profit when they minimize this through education.

The first major blizzard of the year had many combines speeding through fields 24/7. If you are emotionally ready to set aside the stress to make a rational decision for your farm, you are stronger than most. While most farmers are stretched thin emotionally, MarketChat provided a voice of reason this week.

MarketChat combined crop analysis from universities to give a specific yield estimate for the scenario of 10% of U.S. crops losing 20% of yield this weekend. Watching crops fail is hard, and the entire agriculture industry hurts for those farmers. MarketChat brings an objective outside perspective to the panic to help farmers profit.

One emotion we all want in the markets: confidence. Mark, a fourth-generation farmer, says, “MarketChat gives me confidence in my marketing decisions, confidence that has paid off.’

2. MarketChat helps you develop a marketing plan.

Farmers are notorious for trading grain crops without a plan. The pros don’t. They plan their trade and trade their plan. MarketChat can help farmers profit with a plan.

The week of this post, subscribers received an Excel spreadsheet before the weekly, 20-minute call outlining yield expectations in bullish and bearish market scenarios based on crop weather losses. We don’t tell you what to think. We just give you the tools to plan.

Yet, despite your planning, sometimes it feels like USDA reports are created on a whim. We have you covered there, too. Many wondered if yield and harvest demand would be changed in the recent WASDE report updates. However, MarketChat subscribers knew to pay the closest attention to feed and ethanol demand. Knowing what to watch for helped them plan.

You can follow the markets in a moment-by-moment panic, or you can plan for the unexpected with MarketChat.

You may be surprised by the difference having a plan can make on your financial decisions. Justin, a fourth-generation farmer, describes MarketChat as, “Weekly technical analysis delivered directly to me. MarketChat makes grain marketing almost too easy.”

3. MarketChat equips you for objective decisions.

When you know what to watch for, your decisions become objective. Trade based on a clear signal and ensure your decisions are objective rather than reactionary.

This week’s MarketChat subscribers heard, “If we can close above this blue, dotted line, that tells us something truly meaningful has changed.” Again, we don’t tell you what to do or think. But we do give you the proper tools to make the best decision for you.

Soybeans could move quickly if China steps in to buy or Midwest yields get in trouble, according to this last week’s MarketChat report. We don’t know about you, but we are watching for meaningful market signals to avoid missing out. While other farmers may not be able to pinpoint exactly why they responded the way they did, you can point to concrete reasons and market signals.

Jon, a second-generation farmer, says MarketChat gives him an objective baseline with his grain crop trading. He continues to say, “MarketChat gives me an advantage that my neighbors don’t have.”

4. MarketChat provides charts to keep the daily trade action in context, which helps distinguish between noise and meaningful movement.

Pictures are truly worth a thousand words. When prices come on the radio each morning, it can be hard enough to hear them all, much less assemble them into meaningful insights. Farmers profit when they have clear information and next steps.

Envision this added complexity: wheat typically follows corn, so when corn starts to move, wheat goes with it. Suddenly, you are dealing with an abundance of numbers not just for one crop, but for two. While MarketChat analysis still considers wheat bullish, if corn changes, wheat has to go with it. Think grain market trading sounds complicated yet?

Well, we provide not only visual charts but also analysis for those charts and trend lines, so you can be prepared to act quickly. One added benefit: when someone skeptically questions the rationale for your decision, you are armed with a MarketChat visualization of prices and expected trends. How you use this superpower is completely up to you.

Maybe these visualizations are why Ryan, a fifth-generation farmer, says, “MarketChat is more important than the GPS on my tractor.”

Did we mention a free MarketChat trial is waiting for you?

MarketChat is for the self-directed farmer. We deliver no-nonsense, 20-minute market analysis reports each week directly to your inbox. Watch it live, wait until the recording later, or do both. And when important events rock markets, like the recent WASDE report edits, you can receive special invites to live grain crops analysis updates.

Get one month of MarketChat subscription for free. If you enjoy it, choose between either our monthly subscription or annual subscription. You decide what works best for you and your farm. Just like you do for your hedging markets.

Learn today why we believe MarketChat is, “The best 20 minutes you can invest.”

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